A Rewarding Investment

Natural Motivations

Enjoyment, smartness, excitement

Experience joy in mastery

It’s good for you

Everyday Enjoyment

Play alone or with friends

Accessible, easy to play

Simple escape and fun

Everyday Smartness

Challenge your knowledge

Expand your expertise

Your skills are rewarded

Everyday Excitement

Good adrenaline rush

Competition is exciting

Keeps you sharp

Rewarding Advertising

Engaging, relevant gamification

Non-invasive contextual formats

Unique player intelligence

Proprietary Platform

Versatile modern technology

Global and local content

Unique algorithms and dynamics

Experienced Team

Global headcount of 25 people

Google, YouTube, Merrill Lynch

All key members are investors

Fundamental Shift

4 billion connected mobiles

€33 billion gaming revenue

€55 billion advertising market

Vast Audience

2 billion mobile gamers

400 million mobile quizzers

100 million paying players

Efficient Growth

Virally designed mechanics

Free game tickets and prizes

Unique Fusion Graph Influencer

Fusion Graph

Sharing economy meets gaming

Activity and sharing encouraged

Uniquely designed algorithms

Influencer Rewards

Geometric decayed model

Total revenue share 30%

Infinite cash rewards

Business Model

Free to play, premium features

Advertising and ticket revenue

Scalable and cash-generative

Profit Drivers

More players, higher value

Increased virality, lower costs

Higher retention, more usage

Solid Financials

Dynamic monetisation 1m players

Run rate €120m EBITDA 30%

ARPU €1.32 LTV €2.0 CAC €0.31


Growth financing €1m

3.3m shares @ €0.30 6.5% equity

Shares registered in Euroclear

Why Invest?

Traction for exponential growth

Trailblazers with proven market

High potential, outsized return

A Rewarding Investment

Make Sure You’re There

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